Almo Plaza

Walk to your right or south along the sidewalk until you reach the flag pole with the American Flag. Look down and you should see a brass marker in the paving that states “Alamo Mission Original Property Line. Stop here.

The Mexican Army originally built a palisade of wooden posts here in 1835. The palisade or wall of log and earth was constructed to close off the only open area that led to the interior of the compound and make it secure.  It was 115 ft long from the corner of the Church to the southeast corner of the adjacent Low Barrack and was supported by a single cannon located at its center. Considered to be the most vulnerable point, tradition contends that during the Siege and Battle of the Alamo, this palisade was defended by David Crockett and his Tennesseans.  Today, just two parallel lines in the stone indicate its location.
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Courtesy of The Alamo Collection, Artist Gary Zaboly

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Almo Plaza


This mobile tour of historic Alamo Plaza would not have been possible without the assistance of many partners.

Dr. Bruce Winders, The Alamo Curator, Historian and Author

Gary L. Foreman, Native Sun Productions

George Nelson, Author of The Alamo: An Illustrated History

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas

State of Texas General Land Office

The Alamo Chapter #40, The Sons of the Republic of Texas

Bob Benavides, San Antonio Living History Association

City of San Antonio’s, Office of Historic Preservation

City of San Antonio’s, Center City Development Office

Images were provided by the following individuals and institutions:

Gary Foreman Photography/Model by Mark Lemon

The Alamo Collection, Artist Gary Zaboly

Mike Harris

The McNay Art Museum

George Nelson

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